I Caught a Cold

In the lunch time, I felt a cold.
After few hours, it became terribly.
So, I left work earlier than usual.

I went to a hospital Shinjuku NS Building Clinic.
(I live in Shinjuku with my grandmother)

First, checking my temperature.
It was 38.7℃!!
Doctor said that it might be flu, you should take flu check.

Second, flu check.
Nurse take a cotton stick and put it into my nose(About 4~5cm).
And scratched it(5times Back and Force) to take material for checking.
It was very painful(>_<)
After 15miutes the result was Negative.
I felt little bit better…

Third, I paid the fee. The price was ¥1910.
There was only ¥2000 in my purse…

Fourth, I bought a medicine.
The medicine store was very crowded.
I waited for a longtime to call my name.
I got ロキソニン,クラビット,トランサミンカプセル,ダーゼン 5days.
The price was ¥1480.
I didn't have enough money, So I used a credit card.

Finally, I came home.
I ate UDON and took medicine.

I will sleep early today.




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