Shenzhen and Hong Kong – Aug, 2018

A lot of my IoT related Startups friends told me that they are creating and assembling parts in Shenzhen. And, in my favorite podcast #rebuildfm, the guest said that 1-day trip to Shenzhen from Hong Kong was nice. Staying in Hong Kong. Why not? Just go there.

I took MTR to Lo Wu (Sheung Wan->Central->Mong Kok->Kowloon Tong->Lo Wu).

Immigration. There are two check points. Leaving from Hong Kong and entering to China. As a foreign passenger, procedure was manual and it took some time (it depends as same as at the airport).

Anyway, let’s go to the Electronics market. I withdraw RMB with my credit card and purchased the ticket coin.

3RMB from Luohu to Huaqiang Road station.

It’s a great place to visit for computer geeks! Didn’t buy anything though 😛
# Actually, I’m not so dedicated computer person.. My hobby is playing sports or hanging out with friends.. Then, I thought that Solutions Architect role is fit for me.. I just want to contribute to my customers in tech rather than creating innovative something..

#華強北路 & #老街 🐼 in mainland China 🇨🇳

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At the food court, staff asked me WeChat Pay barcode but sorry I didn’t have.. Paid with cash. Not oily and some vegetables. Side dish kimchi and pickles were nice.

Anyway, I had fun visiting variety shops.

Then, moved to the fashion town Laojie by using subway again. Subway in Shenzhen is convenient.

Looks traditional but the fashion building.
2018-08-18 15.01.31

Wholesale and cheaper street?
2018-08-18 15.08.23

Bunch of Caucasian mannequins 😀
2018-08-18 15.08.54

Y&3 😛
2018-08-18 15.17.00

UNIQLO. The sign said here is the flagship store in Shenzhen.
2018-08-18 15.23.35

Street foods, fashion,, fun place to visit.
2018-08-18 15.33.18

Then, back to Hong Kong to visit the apartment!

With MTR train, headed to Tai Koo.

There is an Aeon Supermarket. We Japanese people are familiar with that.
2018-08-18 18.47.25

Yea, here it is!
2018-08-18 18.37.37

Go inside, there is a courtyard. Lots of people are taking photos.
2018-08-18 18.33.53

Not sightseeing place but normal residential area.
2018-08-18 18.34.26


Great to visit.
2018-08-18 18.18.17

Usually, I don’t take selfie but.. hehe
2018-08-18 18.32.13

I don’t know who he is, but good for you, man 😛
2018-08-18 18.16.08

Before back to hotel, stopped by ShenCauseway Bay to have dinner. There is a drone place. I wanted to have one..

Gundam event at Times Square.

People are buying Gandam “plamodel(”.
2018-08-18 19.44.22

At the foodcourt, had a healthy noodle 🙂

Took some rest at hotel, and went to see the Hong Kong night views!
2018-08-18 22.58.37

I don’t do fishing but here is a great place to do that.

Love this.
2018-08-18 23.00.18

Feeling like I was in Yokohoma.
2018-08-18 23.00.51

Then, let’s go to the Peak. Took #15 bus from the ferry area.
2018-08-18 23.37.09

Initially nobody there but finally relatively packed.
2018-08-18 23.37.41

Enjoyed the ride anyway.
2018-08-18 23.39.07

Hello Hong Kong!

Even around 11pm, there are so many people.
2018-08-19 00.21.50

Nobody uses paid photo shooting service..
2018-08-19 00.29.54

Just walk a little bit, and view from jungle 🙂
2018-08-19 00.24.45

Bus stop was busy enough.. I went back to the observatory place and editing photos..
2018-08-19 01.11.24

Single trip costs about 10HKD. Cheaper way. Thanks.
2018-08-19 01.38.20

Took a walk around Central. Even in the midnight our, LKF area was super active. Surprising.

Q language school where I learned English for a week is in this building.
2018-08-19 02.04.10

I remember here.
2018-08-19 02.05.01

Great exercise whole the day. Sleep well..zzz


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