Macau and Hong Kong – Aug, 2018

I stayed in Macau for a week on a business trip. Then, take a day off to see around.

#Venetian 🙂

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Unfortunately, it was a rainy day. As you may know, Macau is kind of a tropical island, so weather changes quickly. Initially, it was raining not so heavily. First I visited famous sightseeing place called Senado Square.
Macau old-town is small enough to see around on foot. Next one is St. Dominic Church.
Maybe here is the most popular one. I’ve never been here in the night, but seems lighting would be nice.
I made a wrong decision to go to the ferry terminal on foot. It was a hardcore rain..
2018-08-17 12.28.45//
Sometimes direction was not so easy to the pedestrians but finally figured out 🙂
2018-08-17 12.41.27//
Then, took a ferry to Hong Kong(Sheung Wan)
Lunch before checking in to the hotel in Sheung Wan. Tastes good,, but,, @hamburger_kid and I ate moderate amount with no alcohol but it was over 900HKD. What!? It was written that “Tea – 480HKD”. Kidding us? Asked the waitress, and she told me it was a mistake..
I stayed here in 2015( My favorite decent hotel.
The hotel is located next to the popular marketplace called “Sheung Wan Market and Cooked Food Centre”.
The day was a walking day. Walked down to Causeway Bay.
Model was shooting photos.
2018-08-17 16.55.34//
Famous noodle place was busy as always.
2018-08-17 16.57.38//
In the middle of the way, checked the Peak Tram station. Seems super busy..
On the other hand, the park next to the station was calm and nice atmosphere 🙂
Bunch of Japanese Ramen places there.
2018-08-17 18.10.15//
There were some nice stuff at NikeLab.
Then, head to Kowloon to have a dinner with colleagues there. My Octopus card was already expired. In order to re-activate it, I needed to charge at least 50HKD.
Friday night Kowloon is busy enough but visited some places.
It was a nice place to eat and drink. Genuine local Chinese food with Japanese menu and photos. Very easy to order 🙂
We went to a bar and hand out until midnight.
2018-08-18 00.03.11//
After coming back to the hotel, according to my AppleWatch app, my calorie consumption was over 1000.. It was a great exercising day!
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